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Cakey Perry – opening night pictures

Here are some of the images taken by the amazing Nathan Pask last night – please contact him if you want to use them on your own pages (Twitter @nathanpask) (credit required). You can see all of the images over on the Cakehead Loves Facebook page too!












Cakey Aftermath

A few pictures of the aftermath from tonight’s Cakey Perry preview as posted on the lovely Art’s In The Right Place blog by fab photographer / blogger Phillipa  Warr. A few tickets still available for Cakey Perry which is a 3 day ONLY event (ending on Sunday) – opens 1400 to 1800 each day (see home page of this blog on how to get in touch)…  I love the effect the Mathmos jelly wash light (I have set ours to constantly change colour but you can stop it on one colour too) has on the Bompas & Parr macarons too!


photo Philippa Warr

photo Philippa Warr



photo Philippa Warr

Cakey Perry – 2 sleeps to go!

Few sneaky pictures from the Cakey Perry set up (we had a test run today scarifying some treats to  get a feel for what the tables will look like) – I can’t wait until we can start adding cake into the mix from Thursday 🙂














Crafty Cakey Perry

Two weeks to Cakey Perry and things are coming together really well – Art Director Natasha (of Nevie Pie Cakes fame) has been creating some amazing design touches too (hampered by the fact she eats a lot of sweets rather than sticks them on  which U call where- have-all-the-liquorice-allsorts-gone gate). It’s looking FABULOUS but don’t forget you will need your tickets in advance!