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Katy’s BIGGEST Fan

I know this is not meant to be funny, and bless his heart, but bits of this video made me laugh out load (such as touching the screen and singing along) I feel so bad for LOL’s that if Jack Moore wants to come he can have a ticket on me! 😉


Katy Perry inspired tattoos

Erm… yes some clearly better than others but apart from that no comment!







Press spoonage

I have been making spoons & forks for the Cakey Perry press night – they are all adorned with liquorice allsorts, gummy bears, haribo strawberries yadda yadda yadda and look ACE! I simply can’t think of anything more perfect to eat gummy bear jelly with ( shown below is M&S low calorie raspberry jelly awesomeness I ate for the the test run)!

Katy Perry costume

This video is so bad it’s good and I am totally transfixed by it – how to make your own Katy Perry California Gurls costume…

Katy Perry painted gingerbread – MUST SEE!


We started the Cakey Perry set up at Prangsta today and here are a few sneak peaks of the Nevie Pie Cakes (see above) creations which will there. All of the painted Katy Perry cookies below are on gingerbread and some of the best things I have ever seen!!!  Remember if you want to come along then tickets need to be bought in advance.

(sorry for the shit pictures proper ones coming soon)

















Katy Perry Cootie Catcher

I am old as a) forgotten how to make a cootie catcher (excuse the shitty execution shown in these pictures) b) how to skip double dutch style c) how to do French skipping with elastic!

That said Nevie Pie cakes must be a spring chicken as she came up with the idea for this Cakey Perry Katy Perry cookie catcher – designed by Thefty. Get yours below and remember this is just one of the extra activities you will get at the high tea with a difference…


If you need folding instructions head here. Use the image below to make your own….




Snoop Dogg Cookies

Greetings loved ones – even if you are not a fan of cake surely getting one of these amazing Snoop Dogg cookies made for the press by Nevie Pie is nothing short of AWESOME! As always Natasha’s detailing is incredible, each lollipop bag sealed with a single gummy bear. She has informed me “I am never ever doing that again” so suffice to say this is a very limited edition run of 20. Ok well 19 as I want to frame one for my office wall 😀

The cookie design was of course based on Snoop Dogg in the California Girls video as shown below.

Now I just have to post these videos of ‘normal Snoop Dogg’ due to the brilliant contrast between the Snoop Dogg cute as a button cookies and “mother fucking yeah, let’s make some mother fucking noise” performance.