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Katy Perry costume

This video is so bad it’s good and I am totally transfixed by it – how to make your own Katy Perry California Gurls costume…


Katy Perry painted gingerbread – MUST SEE!


We started the Cakey Perry set up at Prangsta today and here are a few sneak peaks of the Nevie Pie Cakes (see above) creations which will there. All of the painted Katy Perry cookies below are on gingerbread and some of the best things I have ever seen!!!  Remember if you want to come along then tickets need to be bought in advance.

(sorry for the shit pictures proper ones coming soon)

















Crafty Cakey Perry

Two weeks to Cakey Perry and things are coming together really well – Art Director Natasha (of Nevie Pie Cakes fame) has been creating some amazing design touches too (hampered by the fact she eats a lot of sweets rather than sticks them on  which U call where- have-all-the-liquorice-allsorts-gone gate). It’s looking FABULOUS but don’t forget you will need your tickets in advance!






Making of California Gurls

Candy Cane Cake

Oh my god yes please – find out how to make your own candy cake here.

Katy Perry Bra Macarons

Buttercream Bakery are on a roll this week with Katy Perry inspiration a go go such as these macarons with Lemon with Meringue filling, light Strawberry Whipped Cream Buttercream and of course a cherry on top. Inspired, of course, by that bra!