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Sugar Town

Nice calming sugary music ahead of the Cakey Perry opening tomorrow!..


Katy’s BIGGEST Fan

I know this is not meant to be funny, and bless his heart, but bits of this video made me laugh out load (such as touching the screen and singing along) I feel so bad for LOL’s that if Jack Moore wants to come he can have a ticket on me! 😉

Katy Perry costume

This video is so bad it’s good and I am totally transfixed by it – how to make your own Katy Perry California Gurls costume…

Gummy Bear video games

Mesmerising Spinning Cakes

The work of Alexandre Dubosc is filled with mesmerising spinning cakes, candies, crepes, even a chocolate bird. Naturally we adore it (via edible craft).

Robot Chicken Gummi Bear

Bad arse gummi bear action…

Making of California Gurls