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Hello there!

WOW – so many people have subscribed to this blog today off the back of the Guardian feature I wanted to draft another short post to say Hello.


Cakey Perry is now closed – all of my projects are only for short periods of time as people becoming bored of cake is one of my greatest fears. 90% of my work as a creative also does not involve cake so I have to allow enough time for proper work!

I am always looking for bakers & other food artists to come and join the Mad Artists Tea Party Collective so please do get in touch. You can also follow me on Twitter, and join the Cakehead Loves Facebook page which will also have the most up to date news on projects…

Whilst my pop up shops are only ever for a short amount of time you can normally buy all of the treats from the individuals who made them so just ask, they are also all listed on The Mad Artists Tea Party site.

Finally I am SO excited The Edible Autopsy I feel I could pop. Interest is already massive so if you want to make sure you get to hear all the news on how to attend first then sign up here.

Love & light, Miss Cakehead xx


Thank You – to the autopsy we go!

OK so that’s it just a quick thank you to everyone who supported Cakey Perry with this last ever Cakey Perry blog post (don’t forget you can see images over on the Cakehead Loves Facebook fan page).

Vitamin Water (it was lovely pouring pink water out of tea pots)

Todka (the perfect vodka for our event)

Tatty Devine (for lending me many beautiful things)

Prangsta for the location

Mathmos for some seriously cool lighting

Nevie Pie Cakes – for creating so much amazing awesomeness both in the form of painted cookies / cakes & other decorations

Nathan Pask for kick arse images as usual

Thefty for creating us some awesome illustrations & everyone else who helped craft together the sweet haven interior

Firebox – for sending some of the world’s biggest Gummy Bears (I want to know who stole the two gummy bears on a stick from the press night!)

How could we forget everyone who made the treats; Bompas & Parr, Buttercream Bakery, Mamma Jamma Cakes, Leshie Loves Cake, Edd Kimber (The Boy Who Bakes) & Molly Bakes

And finally MASSIVE THANKS to everyone who came to eat cake – we hope you had a nice time!!!

Join the mailing list for my next project – The Edible Autopsy – here.

Love & light Miss Cakehead xx

*air book being really strange so will add hyper links when I can

Cakey Aftermath

A few pictures of the aftermath from tonight’s Cakey Perry preview as posted on the lovely Art’s In The Right Place blog by fab photographer / blogger Phillipa  Warr. A few tickets still available for Cakey Perry which is a 3 day ONLY event (ending on Sunday) – opens 1400 to 1800 each day (see home page of this blog on how to get in touch)…  I love the effect the Mathmos jelly wash light (I have set ours to constantly change colour but you can stop it on one colour too) has on the Bompas & Parr macarons too!


photo Philippa Warr

photo Philippa Warr



photo Philippa Warr

Cakey Perry Ticket News!

We are now on location at Prangsta for Cakey Perry and can be called on 020 8694 9869 for reservation enquiries – or please email

Alternatively you can still purchase tickets via Event Brite (see ticket page).


Press spoonage

I have been making spoons & forks for the Cakey Perry press night – they are all adorned with liquorice allsorts, gummy bears, haribo strawberries yadda yadda yadda and look ACE! I simply can’t think of anything more perfect to eat gummy bear jelly with ( shown below is M&S low calorie raspberry jelly awesomeness I ate for the the test run)!

Gummy Bear jelly mould

Gummy bear jelly mould – fuck yeah bring it on!

Katy Perry painted gingerbread – MUST SEE!


We started the Cakey Perry set up at Prangsta today and here are a few sneak peaks of the Nevie Pie Cakes (see above) creations which will there. All of the painted Katy Perry cookies below are on gingerbread and some of the best things I have ever seen!!!  Remember if you want to come along then tickets need to be bought in advance.

(sorry for the shit pictures proper ones coming soon)