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Cakey Perry – opening night pictures

Here are some of the images taken by the amazing Nathan Pask last night – please contact him if you want to use them on your own pages (Twitter @nathanpask) (credit required). You can see all of the images over on the Cakehead Loves Facebook page too!












Cakey Perry – 2 sleeps to go!

Few sneaky pictures from the Cakey Perry set up (we had a test run today scarifying some treats to  get a feel for what the tables will look like) – I can’t wait until we can start adding cake into the mix from Thursday 🙂














Fate of day old pastries

The fate of day old pastries is keeping us entertained through the last few days of Cakey Perry madness!

See more of them at Cake Spy.

Will Cotton – pop up bakery

Not many things make me green with envy but I am seriously envious of anyone who got to work / or indeed visit the temporary bakery of Will Cotton which opened at Partners & Spade (40 Great Jones St.) in Manhattan. In fact I am so jealous I am not sure I can share too many details – the photographs say it all.







Mesmerising Spinning Cakes

The work of Alexandre Dubosc is filled with mesmerising spinning cakes, candies, crepes, even a chocolate bird. Naturally we adore it (via edible craft).

Edible Blindness

Cakey Perry’s art director Nevie Pie Cakes is just a bit talented. Check our her edible inspiration from the June book:

Cakey Perry wedding cake

This wedding cake is just beautiful and SO Cakey Perry – from Confetti Cakes I have to say that I am not massively in love with the rest of their cakes but this one is stunning!