Cakey Perry – 2 sleeps to go!

Few sneaky pictures from the Cakey Perry set up (we had a test run today scarifying some treats to  get a feel for what the tables will look like) – I can’t wait until we can start adding cake into the mix from Thursday 🙂















Cult Cornish Vodka

Delighted to say the Cakey Perry press party will be powered by Todka – toffee, hazelnut and banoffee flavours and great to bake with too! Read more over at Miss Cakehead’s blog or visit the Todka site.





Fate of day old pastries

The fate of day old pastries is keeping us entertained through the last few days of Cakey Perry madness!

See more of them at Cake Spy.

Katy’s BIGGEST Fan

I know this is not meant to be funny, and bless his heart, but bits of this video made me laugh out load (such as touching the screen and singing along) I feel so bad for LOL’s that if Jack Moore wants to come he can have a ticket on me! 😉

Katy Perry inspired tattoos

Erm… yes some clearly better than others but apart from that no comment!







Harry Potter marshmallows

I have a really soft spot for painted marshmallows and these Harry Potter ones can’t help but bring a smile to your face – clearly they are no way near the level of artistry demonstrated by cookie artists such as Nevie Pie Cakes but to be fair marshmallows are impossibly hard to use. Great work from The Decorated Cookie via the brilliant Edible Crafts blog which has given me so much inspiration for Cakey Perry.







Press spoonage

I have been making spoons & forks for the Cakey Perry press night – they are all adorned with liquorice allsorts, gummy bears, haribo strawberries yadda yadda yadda and look ACE! I simply can’t think of anything more perfect to eat gummy bear jelly with ( shown below is M&S low calorie raspberry jelly awesomeness I ate for the the test run)!