Hello there!

WOW – so many people have subscribed to this blog today off the back of the Guardian feature I wanted to draft another short post to say Hello.


Cakey Perry is now closed – all of my projects are only for short periods of time as people becoming bored of cake is one of my greatest fears. 90% of my work as a creative also does not involve cake so I have to allow enough time for proper work!

I am always looking for bakers & other food artists to come and join the Mad Artists Tea Party Collective so please do get in touch. You can also follow me on Twitter, and join the Cakehead Loves Facebook page which will also have the most up to date news on projects…

Whilst my pop up shops are only ever for a short amount of time you can normally buy all of the treats from the individuals who made them so just ask, they are also all listed on The Mad Artists Tea Party site.

Finally I am SO excited The Edible Autopsy I feel I could pop. Interest is already massive so if you want to make sure you get to hear all the news on how to attend first then sign up here.

Love & light, Miss Cakehead xx


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