Thank You – to the autopsy we go!

OK so that’s it just a quick thank you to everyone who supported Cakey Perry with this last ever Cakey Perry blog post (don’t forget you can see images over on the Cakehead Loves Facebook fan page).

Vitamin Water (it was lovely pouring pink water out of tea pots)

Todka (the perfect vodka for our event)

Tatty Devine (for lending me many beautiful things)

Prangsta for the location

Mathmos for some seriously cool lighting

Nevie Pie Cakes – for creating so much amazing awesomeness both in the form of painted cookies / cakes & other decorations

Nathan Pask for kick arse images as usual

Thefty for creating us some awesome illustrations & everyone else who helped craft together the sweet haven interior

Firebox – for sending some of the world’s biggest Gummy Bears (I want to know who stole the two gummy bears on a stick from the press night!)

How could we forget everyone who made the treats; Bompas & Parr, Buttercream Bakery, Mamma Jamma Cakes, Leshie Loves Cake, Edd Kimber (The Boy Who Bakes) & Molly Bakes

And finally MASSIVE THANKS to everyone who came to eat cake – we hope you had a nice time!!!

Join the mailing list for my next project – The Edible Autopsy – here.

Love & light Miss Cakehead xx

*air book being really strange so will add hyper links when I can


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