A perfect pair of cupcake tights

OK so if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I have spent best part of the last hour titting about semi-naked with my legs in the air trying to get a decent picture of the tights the Cakey Perry team will be wearing. Of course it turned into a total fiasco and I have come out of the experience with a new found respect for anymore who managed the ‘My Space sexy photograph look’ (if the last hour is anything to go on I know it’s a technique which will evade me forever and a day).

From Les Queues de Sardines (by M&O) I picked them up in the Selfridges sale for £20 (originally £49) – both amounts I know are a LOT for a pair of tights but they are so perfect for Cakey Perry which is a real labor of love!

They are going to be teamed with Jeremy Campbell awesomeness in the form of Glitter Lita (what else)…

And finally we are going to have Tatty Devine popcorn necklaces… So anyone fancy being a waitress?!


5 responses to “A perfect pair of cupcake tights

  1. I need those glittery booties! And by need, I mean NEED!

  2. Sounds amazing! I WANT TO BE A WAITRESS!!!

  3. These are fantastic!! I wish I could get a pair!

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