California Gurls Cupcakes

As you know there is basically a cupcake audition process to decide which cakes make it into the Cakey Perry high tea. Buttercream Bakery has been amongst the first to send me images and they are ALL so cute I had to share. The detailing on them is incredible (try and spot the teeny tiny gingerbread man). I would love to know what you think (this is important as you’ll be buying / eating them) – should these be served at the Cakey Perry?.. I think the top image is an absolute must – it’s AMAZING and a great interpretation of the brief. Find out the processes involved in making them here. 


6 responses to “California Gurls Cupcakes

  1. OMG!!! I am in love – pure genius xxx

  2. Yes, definitely! Esp the top one x

  3. LOVE them all! esp the pink one, remind me of polly pockets 🙂 They all look delishhhh!

  4. Fantastic, they look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!xxx

  5. mazeda khatun

    Omg amazing!!! They keep getting better and better xx soo pretty x

  6. mazeda khatun

    Omg amazing!! Soo pretty
    your ideas keep getting better
    always look forward to wot your gonna bake next!

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